Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Reaper v. The Taxman

Mr. Reaper is patient...It's due process, when your number is up; it's up. There are no bargains, deals or debates. If you have never tasted that piece of pie in the sky... when the time comes (and it will) Mr. Reaper is there; waiting for you, and in that out stretched fiendish hand is his promise to you; the deed to the proverbial farm. It's yours free and clear; all he asks in return is for your soul.You come into this world with nothing kicking and screaming and you leave it maybe just a little wiser. It's the same all over. There is no escape, no one gets out alive fore the taxman cometh; to take what he thinks is his from the few that have temporarily staved him off to the many that feel they can cheat him out of his hunger. So, take what you may; try if you can. I will live again, in another time and at another place. I am an old soul with many past lives; yet only a few in this souls current life that truly gets me. There is nothing for certain except death and taxes.

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