Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Cost For Freedom

On this path less beat, of the booth with a reserved seat
Anticipation of the coins drop, there in that shop
Time to reflect, details and calls of collect
No luck in finding, only that which is binding
At times I thought I had, only to find it Dressed in blue and red
With reflections of metal in the glass, I hear as it passed
Boot heels come smartly with a Whap!, aided by the metal strap
Along with the Snap! of a salute, must be fresh out of boot
Tribute fire in the background, yet another is homeward bound
To a booth wrapped in web, by the same Blue and Red
Within that tangled web of weave, presented to families
Empty words that seem sincere, that fell on deaf ears
Sorry for your loss, placement of the cross
To be by a shade tree, now the spirit is free

I found this to be true, standing here black and blue
It is something I must do, under this sky of the red, white and blue
Is it the powers that be, that set my spirit free
Or is it me, with the aide of the USMC

To the Mothers that raised us strong and true, this is composed for you

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Taxman

No one gets out alive
fore the taxman cometh
To take what he thinks is his
from the few
that have temporarily staved him off
To the many
that feel they can cheat him out of his hunger
So take what you may
try if you can
I will live again
another time
another place
I am an old soul
with many past lives
Yet only a few
in this old souls current life
that truly gets me
The eyes recognize

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Beginings

Now it approaching a new year bringing forth daily surprises in whatever shape and form. They say "Live life to the fullest", I say "That's for the rich". I can only afford to just live; one day at a time.
I'm setting the pace
It works for me in this time and at this place
with old souls like me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

House of Cards

Time sure does fly; not all of it is fun and games. Remember fun? those were the days.
Only now is it complicated and stress-filled. Life is what you make it; not always true.
Cards are delt and made to be played. Hold, fold or draw; these cards that are delt
are yearning to be played out. Only it takes more than one to play this game...of Life.

There is life; then there is living. I choose the latter; fore I have played the game in my past lives and have been forced into folding those cards that were delt. The choice was made by others for the greater good of and for me; but how could this be? they don't even know me.

I am only at the surface of discovering the spirit within me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Meter

Inspired to write
On this stormy nite
As the lites flicker
How's that ticker?
Check and balance
For the allowance
Of that meter
Does it come with a heater?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Being There

Lost in space Time
Whatever IT is
I'm there
Pain and suffering
Don't forget your meds
Comforting feeling
I am not alone on this journey

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Truth laced with deception
leaves an impression
Not of the entire story
telling only of the glory
To the loved ones left behind
in between those lines
Of a heart that bleeds
what it desperately needs
Deep within the trenches
hunkered down one flenches
A body lay twisted and broken
by that which is unspoken
Shrapnel all around
dig deeper underground
For that which is in the mix
while protecting one six
When filling in the blanks
watch those flanks
Honor the code that was spoken
never to be broken