Friday, February 29, 2008

Passing The Buck

I have so much to say
Not enough time let's pray
For health and wellness for all ones sake
Oh My Gosh! they made a mistake
In ones diagnosis of the strain
So that's why there's so much pain
Take two of these
If you please
Don't call us in the morning
My pain is soaring
There is nothing left in the can
The buck being passed again and again
Follow the white rabbit
How far down that hole must one go

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adoptive Family

Drifting out to sea
Drifting effortlessly
Messages are coming back to me
One giant wave spat it back out to me
My letters go unanswered yet I stay the course
By keeping in touch I feel like I've just got kicked by a horse
I then realize I would never see them again it's just an empty nest
Now I've been punched in the chest
They left me to fend for myself unaware of my state
Health failing I should have known better now it's too late

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Double plot you see
For him and me
He's twelve feet under
I'm kicking myself for that blunder
At thirty seven I became a widow
With a seven year old in tow
I had a great job and a brand new condo
How was I to know
Body now shattered and I'm on my last nerves
Life throws a lot of curves
No longer a viable entity
Not wanting any pity
When it's my turn to meet the Reaper
I'll just close my peepers

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Rest Home

I am so glad to hear from you
Every day I wake up blue
If my siblings would've had their way
You would have been lost to me forever and a day
This is how I truly feel
They lack compassion reciting it's no big deal
To watch me fall to my knees
Begging them not to do this please
Which fell on deaf ears
My cheeks are blood stained tears
You are unaware of their treachery
Loss of blood could send me to the cemetery
As the back of my shirt turns bright red with blood
From the stabbing blows that came down with a thud
The white noise makes itself known
Sending me into the abyss of the codone

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I hold friendship very dear
Especially one of twenty years
Not being able to have that kind ever before
Moving constantly what a bore
Loosing childhood friends
Recalling their tragedies at the end
An entire family wiped out
Save one by a sleepover we shout
That drunken driver will never know
How much damage he caused when he lost control
He not only lost his life
He also took his new wife
Along with them the family of my best friend
Now at age eleven
She is an orphan